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Stories, observations, and reflections from a life of raising boys

Father's Day

Jenifer DeMattia


When I first met my husband I did not look into his eyes and see our future children. As I remember, I don’t think I imagined seeing him past our third date. Our relationship was intense at times. It is very difficult living with a mirror that talks back, only telling you the things about yourself that you don’t say out loud because it is the complete truth and sometimes that’s the hardest part to see. Pointless arguments mixed with exciting adventures. A balancing act of trying to maintain our own personal beliefs while intertwining our lives. The beginning of us was an incredible rush, and then we really challenged each other to stay. But we did stay.And got married. And then something happened. We had a son. I wish I could say it was all perfect after that, but of course our life is not perfect. But we did come to a crossroads in our relationship. We had this beautiful son. We had it all. So why were we still pushing each other away. We decided to end it. To end the question and instead provide an answer. We chose to work hard to fight for not only our child’s sake. But for the sake of the happiness we both deserved. We chose well. We had a second son. And today for some reason I am feeling especially sappy about my husband. The father of our babies. The guy who misses a lot of time with those babies so that they can live a better life. The one who gets me. Who knows my flaws and insecurities and never uses them against me. He is known around our house as the, “Black Ninja”.  But sword fighting the skeleton people for our son only covers a small portion of his attributes. He is the greatest surprise of my life. The only one who can do, “Blast-off” at bedtime. The guy who is never in our pictures because he is always the one taking them. The one who leaves the house everyday and takes a piece of three hearts with him. We miss you especially today!

Happy Father’s Day