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Stories, observations, and reflections from a life of raising boys

Mother and Son

Jenifer DeMattia

shutterstock_91890731 copy.jpg

The thought of life with you was a mystery to me,

A boy, a son, we would see the world differently,

I was happy when things were pretty and clean,

People told me you’d create messes like I’ve never seen,

And now that you’re here, I would say they weren’t joking at all,

You love yucky things and smudges cover the wall,

You are always getting into lots and lots of trouble,

Out of your nose you love to blow a giant booger bubble,

It’s like you are constantly trying to get yourself hurt,

You are only interested if something involves three tons of dirt,

You are stubborn and throw quite a fit,

You are wild and crazy and barely ever sit,

But I’ll tell you what’s happened since having you here,

What used to be confusion is now suddenly clear,

I wanted a son like a flower wants light,

You make everything worth it and my whole world right,

The smudges you leave are imprinted on my heart,

The trouble you cause is secretly my favorite part,

The boogers, the dirt, the constant running around,

It’s like everything I every wanted is finally found,

I no longer care if my house is a mess,

Even if things get broken, I couldn’t care less,

If there’s sand on the floor or mud on the chair,

It’s okay because it means my sweet boy was there,

So go crazy my love and live life just like you do,

I wouldn’t be me if there weren’t a you,

My eyes are now open, this life is incredibly fun,

I am so thankful we will forever be Mother and Son.