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Stories, observations, and reflections from a life of raising boys

My Children Book Series Idea

Jenifer DeMattia


This is a writing project I started a few years back. I created a concept for a children’s book series in hopes of one day publishing them. I haven’t given up that dream. Please let me know what you think of the first one I wrote.

Asking a parent to put into words the emotions they have gone through since the moment they set eyes on their child is simply impossible, there is no way to say what the heart truly feels when it comes to our children. It begins with raw joy, a renewed sense of life’s purpose. Then as you watch them quickly grow, the fear sets in. The dangers of this world and the unavoidable reality that one day your little one’s heart will be broken, they could become jaded by others, and ignore how magnificent this opportunity called life really is. I have created a series of children’s books devoted to this journey entitled, Rain Baby, Snow Baby, Wind Baby, and Sun Baby. Each one will have a different meaning to parents depending on the weather outside when their child was born.

Each book begins at the child’s birth, but ends with a different life lesson. Throughout each book, a range of parent emotion is explored and metaphors of the weather are played with to show how nature and the human experience combine in a way children will grow to understand.


Rain Baby

The day you came
Rain poured down from above
It restored, it renewed
I felt showered with love

For on this day
A new life
Flowed into my heart
My sweet baby, rain baby
You were perfect from the start

The rain fell like tears of joy the day you came
It created a river whose water was tame
You will float through that river with help
From the stars, moon, and sun,
Watching and learning
Until the day is done

The ripples will calm you
The fish they will guide
You will not be alone
But wrapped in the tide

Sweet baby, rain baby
You will grow to be strong
You will build up a boat
To carry you along

You’ll float in that boat
Till one day you will find
The river has turned into an ocean
That river that you left behind

The ocean is vast
A sea of green, blue, and grey
The ripples turn into waves
And will feel like they’ll wash you away

But little one you will continue
To watch, learn, and grow
The stars, moon, and sun
Will not let you go

In fact my sweet baby, rain baby
One day you’ll look above
And discover you’ve been riding in a ship
That you’re the captain of

These are the thoughts that flow into my mind
As I look at the face that the rain came to find

I remember the rain slowly faded that day
Sunlight poured through the sky
All the darkness went away

A rainbow began to emerge from a cloud
And for this gift
God surely was proud

I know what that gift was
But I’m not sure you do
Well my sweet baby, rain baby
That gift was you