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Stories, observations, and reflections from a life of raising boys

The Boy of Summer

Jenifer DeMattia

I never realized how short summers were until I got older. In fact, I never realized how short everything is, as I get older. I have never appreciated the warmth until I had a son. I was always a winter girl. I loved the cool fall air. The silence of the snow. But my son has shown me the astounding allurement of a summer afternoon. I think it’s because I see what happens to him when he is able to escape into the outdoors. He is in his element. And now so am I. I have never seen a smile so brimming with delight and hope and joy. I watched him this afternoon outside in our backyard with the same inquisitiveness I would a rabbit or deer I happen upon. When you see something in nature that captures your soul you just sit still and take it in. As I watch him I think to myself, this is forever what I will feel when a pleasant breeze blows across my face. When I feel the sun on my skin it is the image of him, shirtless with his train moving across the grass, wrapped up in the magic of the daylight poking out between the branches of our tree, that I will think of. He has never been such a boy as he is in the summer.