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Stories, observations, and reflections from a life of raising boys

What can happen in one year?

Jenifer DeMattia

Leo One.jpg

You fought and fought to meet the world

Opened your eyes and learned to cry

You breathed on your own

Took others’ breath away

You made tears

You claimed a mom (that’s me)

You became a son

And a brother

You drank milk that I made for you

You’ve heard countless sounds

You turned your eyes to the light

Grabbed on without letting go

You smiled and you cooed

You recognized

You fell in love

You lifted your head

Felt the breeze

You basked in the sun

Fell asleep in someone’s arms

You touched everything within your reach

Rolled over

And laughed so hard you couldn’t stop

You’ve been clean and messy

And been licked in the face by a dog

You have tasted delicious food

You met your great-grandmother before she left us too soon

You gave someone the will to live

You played

You crawled

You broke stuff and discovered your curiosity

You felt sadness and elation

You’ve been sick

And sung to

You have inspired

Eaten with your hands

Walked on two feet

And created a thousand smiles

You rode a merry-go-round

Grew teeth, threw a ball, and had your hair cut

You’ve fought for what you want

You brought your brother to tears

You drank from a cup and played peek-a-boo

You saw a Christmas tree

And learned your name

You called me mom

You’ve melted hearts

And travelled around our state

Bounced on a trampoline

Met the Easter bunny

And learned to climb

You slept all the way through the night

And have been the reason for my beautiful dreams

You’ve been shy

You’ve shared

And explored

You’ve felt snowflakes on your face

Floated in a pool

Learned to kiss

And discovered the complete joy of hanging upside down

You completed a family

You brought people together

And are the reason strangers stop to say hello

You’ve pointed, clapped, and been surprised

You’ve danced

And solved problems

You are a grandson and a Godsend

You pull yourself up and wave goodbye

You’ve seen your sweet face

And waved hello

You’ve learned to fall gracefully

Play music and catch ants

You’ve dug your fingers into sand and felt grass on your feet

You have made someone’s day

You have changed someone’s life

You have made everyday happier

And life’s problems smaller


Just imagine what you can do in two.

Happy Birthday to my angel, my son, and my reason for wanting to make the most out of each precious year.

I will continue to learn through your example my love

Music by Jenny & Tyler "As Long As Our Hearts Are Beating"